Corridor Connections

Corridor Connections has been working in the Hydraulics Industry for 23 years, before that since 1985. Our areas of expertise are special purpose machine tools, hydraulic fixtures, earthmoving/construction equipment and industrial systems. We have provided solutions all over Australia and around the world – intermittent faults, old equipment upgrades, design/build projects for end users and OEMs.

The Point Of Difference

There are many options when looking for hydraulic services. What Corridor Connections offer is a depth of knowledge and experience in a range of industries. What we have learned can make a solution to your problem less difficult. Corridor Connections offers a wide range of valves and parts in stock. We can supply accumulators charged to your requirements, pumps, motors and components from most manufacturers, and we have a large range of Cetop 3 (NG6) and Cetop 5 (NG10) solenoid valves in stock, along with DIN plugs and Deutsch connectors.

We stock electrical components, moulded DIN, Junior Timer and Deutsch Plug/cables, lamp plugs, pressure switches, transducers. PWM controllers, valve drivers and pots.

We design and manufacture simple custom manifolds and bodies, aluminium and steel in house, small volume – short lead time.

We have designed and manufactured lubrication systems for machine tools: Spindle and jacket cooling systems: Oil cleaning and preparation systems. Die change systems, hydraulic die clamps and Pump/ Control units.