Directional Valves

Hydraforce Directional Valves are designed and manufactured in the USA. They are of the highest quality and deliver performance, reliability and long life. Directional Valves include the following types of valve:-

Check Valves- Guided poppet, Disc type and threaded body insert styles

Pilot Operated Valves, Pilot to open, dual or single, inline or cartridge styles

Load Shuttles Valve- described as OR Valves, these are used in load sense systems eg

Hot Oil/ Inverted Shuttle Valves, closed loop bleed off or logic arrangements

Piloted Spool Valves, On/Off or Proportional, 2, 3 or 4 way flows to 265 litres/min

Logic and Modulating Elements- Pressure and Flow regulation to high 379 litres/min

Manually Operated valves, Push/Pull, Rotary and Spring Return or Locks

Brake Release Valves, internal piloting to release hydraulic brakes


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