Gas Spring, high force, compact size, durable

Gas Springs

Pascal Gas Springs are all designed and manufactured in Japan. Materials are of the highest quality and the standards of workmanship are second to none. The machining processes are specifically engineered to achieve the durability and performance required by customers who value long life and reliable operation above all else. The parts are nitrided in house and super finished and polished for the longest seal life and gas retention. There are different styles of gas spring to suit applications.

Gas springs are a single acting cylinder where stored pressure gas (dry Nitrogen) acts on the Cap end of the cylinder and is variable according to the force required. The pressure can be varied according to the task prior to installation or for dynamic applications the Gas Springs can be joined by Pascal Hose Link System. This allows remote variation of pressure/ force by adjusting the gas pressure.

Benefits of gas springs are the high spring forces possible for a given length and diameter and long life compared with conventional wire wound steel springs.

DNK: Standard Type Gas Spring

DNR:Compact Body Gas Spring

DNP:High Power, Short Stroke Gas Spring

DNA: Long Stroke Model Gas Spring

Gas Spring Charging Tools

NOTE: These devices contain stored pressure energy and are therefore to be used and repaired by trained and qualified personnel using correct tools- serious injury even death can result from improper use or handling.

Typical applications include press tools and dies.

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