Multi Function Valves, fewer cartridges, same function, reduced manifold size & cost

Multi Function Valves

Hydraforce Multi Function Valves are designed to assist with circuit designs which reduces the cartridge count to achieve the desired circuit function- this allows for smaller manifolds, simplified installations and economical solutions for machine builders. The incorporation of multiple functions in one valve is achieved by experienced and inventive designers with state of the art computerised tools, thorough performance and durability testing in the newest facility in the USA- purpose built for this task. Multi Function Valves are tested to millions of cycles to deliver what you need at a competitive price, our stock makes it possible to get what you want when you want it more often than not.

Directional Valves with isolated load sense Check Valves built in.


Solenoid Valves with Internal flow Check Valves

Solenoid Valves with integrated pressure relief valves.

Proportional Flow Controls with integrated pressure compensation Ref:

Logic Elements with built in Pressure Relief valves

Logic Elements with built in Flow Regulation

Flow Controls with adjustable Pressure Relief

Hydraforce offers tools to simplify the design of circuits and drawings such as i-Design, free from Hydraforce. This tool makes it easy to layout circuits, make changes to circuits directly from the Hydraforce product catalogue with an ever increasing range of generic components in the available library. Corridor Connections can assist your design process with experience and knowledge simplifying the exercise and avoiding many of the pitfalls. We have good access to the Hydraforce technical people for those questions that are more unusual. Our stocked range is good, valves, coils and line bodies- in Melbourne.

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