Pascal Quick Due Change (QDC) system, Die Clamp, Die Lifter, Die Roller, Pre-Roller, Travelling Clamps, Control System

Quick Die Change

Pascal Quick Die Change (QDC) is an integrated system for Press Shops. The Quick Die Change system includes Die Clamps, Die Lifters, Die Rollers, Pre-Rollers, Travelling Clamps and Controls system equipment. Using the Quick Die Change system is an efficient way to achieve extremely fast turn around with Die changing, 20 tonne diesĀ  sets can be un-clamped, removed from the press, the new die installed, clamped and production resume in a mere minute or 2 with no tools, no personnel in the press. Exposure to slips and cuts, falls and strains is eliminated completely. Quality is improved and safety is assured.

Die clamps are installed as hydraulic nuts, located between the flange of the die and “keyed” into the Tee slots. Hydraulic pressure controlled by the Control System components the die is securely clamped to the top or bottom platten quickly and efficient. No spanners, loose nuts and washers to lose drop or tighten. Die Lifters are hydraulically operated lifting rollers (DLF) to allow very heavy die sets to be pulled into or pushed out of the press with minimal force- simplifying the process. Die rollers are economical, light duty rollers which fit into most standard Tee Slots, they utilise a spring to rise the die to reduce the force required to roll the die in and out of the press.


Pre-Rollers are installed outside the press, these might be PRA, Removable Standard type, PRF, Removable & foldable, PRH, Vertical Fold or PRC- Heavy load types or others, see website.

Travelling Clamps can be used to automatically advance or retract the Die Clamps as required. The driving mechanism can be a pneumatic cylinder (TRA), pneumatic motor (TRB) or electric motor (TRC). Pascal has delivered over 40 000 sets of Travelling Clamps. These tools have changed how press shops operate around the world. Efficient, fast and reliable, designed and made in Japan. Experience matters, quantity delivered to date tells the story.

Operation of the Die Clamps and Pre-Rollers requires hydraulic pressure and his is achieved with the Pascal Control System. Air drive units for small, medium and large machines are available, HCS and HCP. Non leak valve units with pressure switches VHA and VSB allow clamping and lifting of Die Clamps and Die Rollers. There are hydraulic Power Units for other functions as required such as HUC and HUD. Air driven pumps do not require electric power sources, they require clean but un-lubricated air 10 bar (147 psi). The pumps do not over heat and are reliable and long lived requiring little maintenance- as a fixed ration pump they stall and are silent and stopped unless a pressure change occurs when the automatically restart to make up the required pressure after which the again stall. Whilst stalled they use no air and so are economical to run.


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