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Pallet Clamp System

Pascal Pallet Clamp system is an integrated design for the efficient attachment of the Pallet in the Load/Unload Station and Inside on machining tools. Pallet Clamp components offer repeatable High Accuracy location of pallet: therefore the parts. Finest quality materials in all Pallet Clamp equipment, precision, reliability, durability. Designed and manufactured by Pascal in Japan. The Pallet Clamp system consists several key elements.

Pallet Clamps. This is the part that in pairs or groups makes it possible to quickly and accurately detach the pallet and move the pallet to the new location (Inside or Outside machining area) and the accurately reattach the pallet to the machine structure. The Pallet Clamps are strong and might be operated with hydraulic oil (70 bar/ 1000psi) or air ( 10 bar/147 psi).

It is common for pallets to have Work Holding equipment installed, Swing or Link Clamps, Work Supports, sensor lines for Clamp/Unclamp/Clamp Over Travel (broken clamp arm eg.),  Part Present air sensing and Air Blow Off features. These require fluid Couplers which Pascal design and manufacture to seamlessly integrate with Pallet Clamps. Fluid Couplers are available for air, oil and coolant and are of a flat face design which reduces to practically zero, prevents ingress of coolant and solid contaminants into the hydraulic and pneumatic systems. There are new pilot check options (EPL) which de-pressurise the Coupler during pallet change- this eliminates forces tending to misalign the pallet. The Pallet Clamp system is a Highly rigid pallet clamp and repeatability of 3μm with dual surface contact. The mechanical clamping with high output, long-life belleville spring washers retain attaching forces during pallet movement, air or hydraulics is used to release the Pallet Clamp.

Pal-Fix is an apparently simple system to facilitate accurate relocation of small manual type fixtures and jigs. A Pal -Fix “Cone” is installed in the base and a mating “cup” in the connecting pallet or jig. The Pal-Fix parts are designed around standard metric screws of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16mm- these are used to clamp the parts together. Pal-Fix is accurate to 5 microns repeatability and requires no special tools or patience to separate the 2 halves, unlike dowels at even 10 microns.

Pascal manufacture Rotary Joints or Unions. These allow up to 16 independent flow paths for mixed media, hydraulics or pneumatic. The Rotary Coupler is suitable for continuous rotation at up to 250 bar ( 3600 psi) subject to data sheet provisions

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