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Solenoid ON/OFF Valves

Solenoid ON/OFF Valves are hydraulic valves big or small that are designed to be switched On or Off (Energised or De-energised). They are not capable of variable flow control. They are either spool or poppet designs, the spool types will have a higher leakage rate since there is a clearance between the spool and the cage or sleeve in which the spool slides. One measure of a quality valve is the leakage rate. Solenoid ON/OFF Valves manufactured by Hydraforce have some of the lowest leakage rates in the market- Leakage is wasted oil: the energy invested in pressurising the oil ready to work is lost as heat that then requires cooling to remove it and necessitates a larger pump to deliver the required flow to the system after the sum of such losses is allowed for. The high tolerances required to have a valve which has low leakage and reliable operation demands the best design, manufacturing processes and equipment- the low cost alternative products do not have these features and savings at the time of purchase are lost to higher energy inputs and lower productivity.

Solenoid ON/OFF Valves manufactured by Hydraforce are generally ISO interchangeable in the Standard range and some HyPerformance valves. Flows as low as 1.9 litres/min to 60 litres/min in direct acting spool valves are available with pressures to 245 bar. Higher flows are possible with pilot operated poppet valves, higher pressures with the HyPerformance range of valves as required.

Corridor Connections stock a wide range of spool and poppet Solenoid ON/OFF Valves in Melbourne and can assist with design and recommendations as to the best solution to your valve requirements. These with the appropriate Solenoid Coil and suitable manifold or Line Body will ensure you are able to replace existing valves or manufacture and design your equipment.

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