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Directional Valves

Sun Hydraulics Inc, globally recognised manufacturers of Directional Valves which exceed the expectations of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and designers worldwide. Unsurpassed quality, high performance and durability at competitive prices. Sun Directional are used to control the movement of actuators (linear-hydraulic cylinders or rotary- hydraulic motors). Directional Valves are available in a variety of configurations and types, Check Valves, Logic Valves, Shuttle valves, Diverter Valves and Manually Operated, Hydraulic Piloted, Pneumatically Piloted cartridge valves to change the direction or movement of actuators.

Cartridge Valves offer advantages to designers and owners of machines. A cartridge can be installed in a custom manifold with other valves to form a compact arrangement to control different functions of a machine. Cartridges can be installed in such a way as to eliminate multiple connections such as hoses and fittings all of which are liable to become loose and leak, hoses are expensive and bulky: Directional Valves can be sized to meet the exact requirements of that part of a circuit, a large Relief Valve, smaller Pressure Reducing Valve, Sequence Valves as required with Directional Valves to control or prevent actuator movement. Maintenance is a matter of testing, identifying the failed valve and removing only that cartridge without interfering with hose and fittings- quick and clean. A cartridge valve is a self contained valve with no loose parts, it is simple to remove defective parts and replace them with basic tools. Line Bodies are available to allow one or a couple of cartridge valves to be installed in a system. Common port options in Australia are BSPP or UNO, these are parallel threads where the sealing is done by elastomeric seals and the cartridges are retained by threads- the taper thread forms are not recommended for aluminium bodies, premature cracking is likely. Sealing methods like Teflon tape can lead to contamination of the hydraulic system and valve failure/ sticking etc.

Sun Directional Valves are available for flow rates from a few litres or so to 900 litres/minute in a single cartridge. There are many basic types of  Directional Valves, Pilot to Close Check Valves, Check Valves (side to nose or nose to side), Mechanically Operated Check Valves (cylinder re-phasing valves) as listed above, the function you require determines which Sun Directional Valve is best for your application. Please contact Corridor Connections for assistance to select the most suitable Directional Valve. Logic Elements can be a great way to achieve high flow from small valves, Shuttle valves behave as “OR” valves in a circuit, used in load sensing or multiple signal management for control eg. Diverters might be a Flow Divider or flow Divider Combiner, regular accuracy or precision for high accuracy splitting of flow

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