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Work Holding

Pascal manufacture a range of Work Holding products to facilitate the efficient holding of parts in machining equipment. The basic groups are Swing Clamps, Link Clamps and Expanding Clamps, Threaded Body and Flanged Hydraulics cylinders. There are options to suit the customer preference, Standard Pressure Hydraulic (7 bar/ 1000 psi), High Pressure Hydraulic (350 bar/ 5000 psi) and Pneumatic (10 bar / 147 psi). These products are designed and manufactured in Japan using the latest design tools and machines, all processes are undertaken in house: Machining, heat treatment, nitriding and grinding/ polishing. Assembly and testing is critical to ensure that each and every part is ready to work every time.

Work Holding Swing clamps are used to hold parts in position in machining fixtures and test cells, they are basically a cylinder with 3 helical grooves (some competitors use 1) in the rod engaged with steel balls to deliver consistent rotation over a long period. The clamps can be selected with left and right rotation direction, 45°, 60° and 90°, the cylinder rod rotates through the selected angle as it retracts, then travels straight for the last part of the stroke. The clamp arm is selected to bear against the part in the correct position.

Link Clamps are again a cylinder- hydraulic or pneumatic which is designed to extend and cause the link arm to rotate over center and bear against the part clamping it securely in the work holding jig or fixture.

Expanding Clamps are an expanding “collet”, hole clamp device, installed under the part to grip inside the holes selected. There are precision clamps which can be used as work holding hole clamps to locate the part within 5 microns, non precision clamps which can tolerate holes 0.7- 1mm around nominal size (see catalogue). Various styles are available, long neck, offset, low height, parts present sensing, air blow cleaning eg.

Pascal work holding cylinders are available as threaded body, flanged or hollow rod types, push, pull and double acting, see data sheets. Standard and High pressure hydraulic cylinders are available.

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