Gas Springs

Pascal Corporation of Japan manufacture a comprehensive range of Gas Springs for press tools and applications requiring “springs” with high forces, long life and in comparison with coil springs compact dimensions. The fact that Pascal undertake the design and manufacture of these products in Japan using the latest technology, finest materials and in house grinding, nitriding and ultra polishing assures users that they have bought reliable high performance products that will exceed your expectations.

Essentially there are the regular “N2 Gas Spring” and “mini N2 Gas Spring” product ranges and Gas Charging Tools. It should be noted that these products are necessarily charged with extremely high pressure dry Nitrogen gas – it therefore follows that the charging and discharging of the Gas Springs requires trained personnel and the correct tools.

The N2 Range includes the DNK type, the Standard Model; The DNR, a compact model: The DNP model, a high power short stroke gas spring and the DNA model which is designed as a long stroke product.

The mini N2 range offers the DSD model, a large diameter, high initial force design,: DSC, a compact body unit high force but less resistant to side loads and the DSA model designed to withstand high side loads.