Multi Function Valves, fewer cartridges, same function, reduced manifold size & cost

Solenoid Valves- On/Off

Hydraforce is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of Solenoid Valves. There are new valves available almost daily, new spool configurations and performance capabilities. There are essentially 2 groups of Hydraforce Solenoid Valves, Standard (SV) and HyPerformance (HSV). The standard range of solenoid valves is generally capable of operating at pressures to 245 bar (3600 psi), check website for your requirements- These are manufactured to conform to the Industry Standard Cavity and as such renders them an ideal option to replace failed valves from other manufacturers. We can assist with selection of suitable replacements as required. The HyPerformance solenoid valves are designed to deliver superior performance in a cartridge valve, high pressure (345 bar/ 5000 psi) and high flow rates. The focus on performance necessitates cavities that can meet the design requirement so these are not an industry standard valve though there is some commonality. We can assist in selection of interchanges if required. The HyPerformance valves delivers “Industrial” performance in a cartridge valve with the benefits that are well understood, ease of replacement without  interfering with pipework, convenient for incorporation into custom manifolds for space and volume efficiency and attractive cost by comparison.


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